Terrorism and Political Violence Association

Islamic State Teach-in, University of Leeds


Terrorism and Political Violence, 2015







The Terrorism and Political Violence Association (TAPVA) seeks to facilitate high-impact research and improved pedagogical practices in the field of Terrorism and Political Violence through the interaction of its members, consisting of academics, PhD students and policy stakeholders across the UK. It provides a space for networking, collaborative research and the development of pedagogic innovation through a series of conferences, workshops and an active online presence. As well as providing the opportunity for research collaboration, TAPVA co-ordinates projects with its members in order to produce high-impact publications, policy documents and innovative teaching tools.

Its main project for 2012-2013, ‘Surveying a High-Impact Research Agenda’, will collate the research demands of policy-makers and stakeholders to create a framework for academics to pursue policy-relevant research that can secure funding. Project output will include an international conference and a report. The project is currently being funded by ESSL and BISA.


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